Introducing PhysiApp®

Functional Health Partners with PhysiApp®

Functional Health has partnered with PhysiApp® to deliver our Telehealth services. With a plethora of options to choose from, we believe that PhysiApp® offer the best platform to deliver our service. Please read more below to learn more about PhysiApp®, how to use it and view some examples of the videos used within PhysiApp® 

Preparing for your Telehealth Call

Please use this useful sheet below to prepare for your first ever Telehealth session with Functional Health. Our staff are on hand to help you navigate the new technology. Please call 07 5529 2777 for assistance.

How to use the PhysiApp®

We are proud to be using PhysiApp® for your exercise program, to track your progress and to communicate with you via built-in video call and messaging features. Check out the some basic instructions below.

PREPARE FOR SESSION Prepare For Your First Telehealth Session
PHYSIAPP® INSTRUCTIONS Functional Health Patient Instructions

Example Video 1

Example Video 2

Example Video 3

(07) 5529 2777